Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Banned Books Advent Calendar

     When you think of an advent calendar, the first thing that comes to mind Is Christmas (and possibly chocolate). Banned books are definitely something that is not generally associated with this holiday tradition. However, the International Federation of Library Associations as created the worlds fist video Banned Book Advent Calendar.
     This unique advent calendar works exactly the same way a traditional advent calendar works. Each day a new video is posted on sites like youtube and vimeo around the world, and highlighting a book that has once been banned in different parts of the world. The books in question have so far been very different and banned for different reasons. There have been obvious titles such as Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler and more surprising titles like Charlie and the Chocolate Factor by Roald Dahl. Many of the books in the calendar were banned because they were deemed too obscene or too graphic for readers. Others such as Mein Kampf were feared and hated because of what they represented.
      It doesn’t matter why the books were banned. The fact that they were banned highlights censorship throughout history as well as in our modern world. This video calendar is overthrowing that stigma and celebrating the right of freedom of speech. The first half of December has showcased books that have certainly left their mark on history. The second half of the month is sure to be equally as captivating.