Friday, April 22, 2011


Ok so I've gotten into grad school at the University of Stirling in Scotland. I'm so excited about starting the program and moving to Scotland, but I seriously need some help finding the funds. I've applied to a few scholarships already, however, I'm having a really hard time finding ones that are for graduate students. I've found loads for undergrad.... If worse comes to worse I'll just have to take out loans. Those have to be repaid though, and considering I'm paying for it myself and I work part time as a server that doesn't look to appealing. It would be amazing if I could find enough scholarships to cover at least half. I'll looking at something between $20,000 and $25,000. I honestly can not wait for September when the program starts. I'm going to be studying International Publishing. I think that who ever created this program could see into the future and knew that I would find it and apply. Its like its was tailor made for me! What could be better than books? If for some terrible reason I wouldn't be able to attend I seriously think I would just completely break down. Publishing is all I want to do I have absolutely no idea what I would do as a back up plan. Soooo... I'm kinda freaking out about the finances. If anybody has any suggestions or knows of any scholarships for American students studying in the UK or any kind of graduate scholarships for that matter please please pleas leave me a comment. It would be much appreciated! Any little bit will help. <3